5 Healthy Habits for Life Not Just New Year

When January rolls around, so do the “new year, new me” posts. Quickly followed by the flickers of self doubt with a sprinkle of low self esteem.

And after reading everyone’s devotion to bettering themselves throughout 2021, it’s hard not to question if you should be doing something drastic to change yourself.

Well, here’s the thing. You’re perfect as you are. And it’s time to start realising that.

To help you realise that, we’re going to do our best to build these following habits and we’d love you to join us!

Less Yes, More No

For years we’ve been told that being a “yes person” is the best way to live your life and will open you to so many amazing opportunities. 

And we totally agree if it means saying yes to a free all inclusive holiday in the blazing sun or partaking in an exciting project! 

But not if it puts you in a situation you’re not comfortable or happy with. Saying no and setting your boundaries is assertive and deserves respect. 

Over exerting yourself for the benefit of others, or doing a task that doesn’t align with you simply doesn’t make you feel that great. 

Leave that in the past. We’re totally over saying yes.

Self Love is The Best Love

Positive affirmations and words of self love can feel unnatural in the beginning but changing the language you use to talk to or about yourself can make a huge impact on your perspective.

Tell yourself you love yourself and you’re thankful for yourself despite what society (or your Instagram feeds) tells you to love and appreciate. I dare you to do it in the mirror.  It’ll be weird, but if nothing else it’ll make you smile and laugh and sometimes that’s all we need to start feeling better about ourselves.

Compliment yourself every day, change your phone and desktop to your favourite quote. 

Hell, if you’re brave enough why not get a meaningful and loving tattoo just for yourself (but if your Mum asks, we didn’t suggest that).

However you choose to speak to yourself, be kind and be loving. You deserve it.

Spa Yourself to Bliss

Get the bath running, grab your favourite face mask and sloth off your worries with your favourite skincare. 

Dedicating an evening to yourself and doing what you love can give you the energy you need to see yourself (and the world) in a new light.

Whether you need a little sweet scent in your life or something zesty to refresh the soul, we’ve got a body scrub perfect for your pamper session! 

Each Alchemy by Be scrub is a mix of hydrating, delicious oils and mineral rich salts and sugars blended with mouthwatering scents. 

And with so many benefits, we had to give them their own page!  

So, hang that leg up over your bookrest, or up on the side of the bath, and rub the day away... What!? I didn’t mean like that but you can if you want.

Cut Off Toxic Relationships

Now, time to get to the nitty gritty. Cut off your toxic relationships. 

And sometimes it isn’t even that serious. Sometimes it’s just about identifying who you feel good around and who you don’t.

It may take some work but recognising where the toxicity is coming from and what that means to you is the first step of snipping those ties.

Be firm and set your boundaries. More often than not there will be backlash and drama but just know in yourself that you’re doing this for the benefit of you.

Make less room for the frenemy in your life. You’ll thank yourself for it down the line.

Unfollow People that Make Your Feel Rubbish

On that note, you can clear a path for positivity by clearing up your friends list and the accounts you’re following. 

And it may not even be people and accounts. Unfollow hashtags, groups and pages that make you feel less than the wonderful person you are.

Instead fill your feed with people who inspire you and make you feel good. Those who look like you, act like you or share the same ideas and beliefs as you. If it makes you feel good, it is good. 

Whether it’s inspirational posts that don’t inspire or models photoshopped to the Gods, if it makes you feel bad consider eliminating it out of your life.

Above Everything, Remember This

Self love and self acceptance is a journey. Building habits doesn’t happen overnight so don’t beat yourself up if you have a period of feeling down. 

What are the habits that helped you build your confidence and esteem? We would love to hear from you!

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