New Year, Keep the Same Glorious You!

Tl;dr: Beautiful, we'd really like to talk to you!

This year we want to do more than just *flog a product*, because Alchemy by Be was never really about that. It started simply as a way to stop my skin feeling old and dry and ugh...all the bad things hahah. In the process I (accidentally) created the Virgin Alchemy scrub range and seemingly created something that not only hydrated my skin and made it super soft and silky, it improved my confidence in the way my skin looked but also my friends couldn't get enough of it (on their own skin, not mine, although there was a lot of touching of my skin in the process haha).

What we'd like for 2021 is to talk to you about your skin, about your perfect imperfections (according to stereotypical beauty standards), we want to talk about your body and changes it's gone through, the things it's endured with you, we want to talk about your feelings towards your body, the relationship you have with it and so much more.

So, what do you say? Do you want to get involved?

Drop us a comment, send us a DM or email, we also accept carrier pigeons wearing feather bowers. Get in touch, whoever you are and however you feel because we'd love to do something with you (most likely an interview to start, possibly followed by a photoshoot). I'm so excited to hear from you 💖

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