Sugar Scrub vs Coffee Scrub: The Differences Between

Hands up who has tried basically every form of exfoliation under the sun…


Hands up who understands the benefits between sugar scrub and coffee scrubs…


Although one isn’t exactly better than the other, both have significant differences and benefits. So let’s discuss them!

Here are the key differences between sugar scrubs and coffee scrubs.

Body Scrub Intensity

Whilst coffee scrub is great for intense exfoliation, sugar scrubs are best for those who have sensitive skin, troubling dry skin and want to exfoliate regularly.

Body scrubs that use sugar and salt as a base will dissolve in the water as you use them meaning that the more you rub, the less intense they’ll be. 

But don’t you worry - with our scrub collection, you’ll have a scrub experience that will leave your skin smooth, glowing and refreshed.

And because they’re ideal for sensitive skin, you can also use our scrubs on your face!

Using Scrubs in The Bath or Shower

We get this one all the time. “Should I use my scrub in the bath or in the shower?”

And to be honest, it is completely down to personal preference! However, we do recommend sticking to showers for coffee scrubs - less mess and no gritty bums! 

One of our favourite things about sugar scrubs is that long after they’ve dissolved into your bath, your skin is still soaking up all the goodness from the salts, sugars and oils. Bathtime bliss 🤩

Sugar or Coffee? The Benefits

There’s no denying the incredible benefits both scrubs hold. Coffee scrubs are rich in antioxidants that nourish your skin and can easily be made at home for a quick skin fix.

Sugar scrubs (and specifically those which also include salt, like ours) are chock-full of skin-health benefits and wonder ingredients.

For example, sugar is a natural humectant which means it can absorb and retain moisture keeping the skin soft, supple and hydrated without the need to apply a moisturiser after your shower.

And salt will draw out impurities from the skin, helps calm itchy skin and can improve the balance of good and bad bacteria. 

Benefits of Using a Sugar Scrub

Overall, if you’re looking to achieve healthy, glowing skin then you can’t beat a sugar-salt mix body scrub. 

Sugar scrubs are best for sensitive skin or those prone to dry skin conditions for its naturally hydrating properties and the pace it dissolves at when using.

Want to learn more about the ingredients we use in our scrubs? Then check out this page here.

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