The Case of Rockham House and the Blue Pineapple

Not one to half-arse anything - I had big plans for our ✨ first official photoshoot ✨

The magic all started way back in July. We found our dream location, convinced 5 gorgeous models to get (nearly) nakey and booked with some amazingly talented people - Will Cleal, photographer and Josh Gore, videographer. 

With pineapples and coconuts in tow, off we went to our beautiful location to commence our very first photoshoot! But only, it didn't happen like that because 3 days before the shoot the location was pulled from beneath our feet.

Bummer. 😥

Not one to accept defeat easily, with my birthday cake coffee in hand, I spent a fraught 36 hours searching for a new "perfect location". 

During peak holiday season. 

In Devon and Cornwall. 

Where literally 99.9% of locations are holiday rentals and hotel rooms... that were booked. 🤦‍♀️

But we got there! Less than 20 minutes before the previously declared "cancellation hour" (aka the point at which I'd be throwing in the towel and giving up the hunt before driving myself crazy), AirSpare Locations came up with the absolutely incredible Rockham House, Woolacombe. 

I mean, the results speak for itself. The perfect location for our first photoshoot 💖

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